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[Sticky] Link Compilation

OOC Stuff:
Player info
Screened crit post
Monthly activity: Nov07 - Apr09 / May09 -
Poke me for thread pickups

Ion (Tales of the Abyss)
Rikugou Tokidoki (Amatsuki)
Roy (Suikoden V)
Lyserg Diethel (Shaman King)
Lymsleia Falenas (Suikoden V)
Hungary (Axis Powers Hetalia)
Tycho Science (Diebuster)
Ludovic Fabre (Ma vie en rose)
Astrid Llewelyn (Rampant)

Stats/Permissions: Hungary, Ludovic, Astrid

Other Character/Canon Info:
Ludovic and gender (and camp)

State of the Union/Dropping + bonus bedroom values (October 7)
Jump me!!1
State of the Union (April 16)
Comment count (April 9)
Ask me questions
Self-indulgent apping stats meme
Icons (2)
People to jump (haha I should get to this again)

[Sticky] Player Info

Updated 2/24/10 to go with the new meme format everyone's using.

All About Playing with MeCollapse )

[Sticky] Concrit

THIS IS NOW MY PRIMARY CRIT POST. Open forever and all comments are screened. If you have concerns or questions about any of my characters or me as a player that you'd rather tell me privately than in cfud_concrit, this is the place to do it.

I play: Hungary (egerly), Ludovic Fabre (un_x_pected), Astrid Llewelyn (cloisterfucked)

And now a special note for Hungary since lol Hetalia.

That is: I am not Hungarian and most of what I know about Hungary comes from reading I've done since planning to app her. If you think there is something about the country that I'm not doing right, whether it's factual or subjective, please voice your concerns here. I want to learn from you!


Derpy PSA thing idek

HELLO um, I don't know how to say this, but I've been feeling really. Awkward about playing lately. I've been bad at dropping threads, like even more than usual, so I feel like my CR has died because I haven't been playing consistently in so long. But! This needs to be solved sometime because I decided I don't want to drop anyone.

So this is a "Help, I still want to play but I don't know how to pick up, let me know if you want to play with me!" post for Hungary, Ludovic Fabre (un_x_pected), and Astrid Llewelyn (cloisterfucked).

Thank you! ♥

[Meme] Pings and Patterns

Throwing this up and adding as I go.

List of Characters
Present: Hungary (Axis Powers Hetalia), Ludovic Fabre (Ma vie en rose), Astrid Llewelyn (Rampant)
Past: Yamada Hanatarou (Bleach), Kyouyama Anna (Shaman King), Lyra Silvertongue (His Dark Materials), Asakura Kazumi (Mahou Sensei Negima!), Senel Coolidge (Tales of Legendia), Kasumi (Suikoden I & II), Ion (Tales of the Abyss), Rikugou Tokidoki (Amatsuki), Roy (Suikoden V), Lyserg Diethel (Shaman King), Lymsleia Falenas (Suikoden V), Tycho Science (Diebuster)

It's organized! And long. Vague spoilers.Collapse )



I haven't been around much recently, and I'm going to have to extend that for a while longer. Yesterday I injured my left eye with a stick while doing yardwork and have been advised to cut back the time I spend staring at computer screens while it heals.

So this is now an official hiatus. Which I hope won't last too long because ow.
Oh right. I play characters.


[Quiz] I am failwife


As a 1930s wife, I am
Very Poor (Failure)

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As a 1930s husband, I am

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